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Lessons from the flood in Thailand

Published: Sun, 01/22/2012 - 15:05
By: admin

Flooding in Thailand has caused hundreds of deaths. It has caused billions of dollars in damages the country's economy. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, faced with severe destruction. What lessons should make government and business from this catastrophe?


Thailand is one of the tourist centers of Southeast Asia. The country has a developed agricultural sector, the Thai industry exports its products to all regions of the world. The infrastructure of the capital of Thailand should correspond to the status of one of the business centers of Asia.


The width of streets, drainage channels availability, construction of flood-resistant buildings - here's a list of the questions that need to ponder the authorities, developers and businesses. You can imagine the disastrous consequences of such floods in Tokyo or Singapore? Huge skyscrapers of big cities can withstand strong earthquakes.


The system of dams and canals should be maintained so that it fulfills its protective function. The cost of maintaining its efficiency pays off handsomely in the event of natural disasters. Government is obliged to keep this in mind, making the state budget.


The army and police should have the right to forcibly evacuate people. That's refusal to evacuate often the cause of death. Perhaps the judicious use of force is justified for the sake of reducing the number of victims?


The authorities must be prepared for disaster management every second. The head of government, rather than lower-ranking officials should lead the staff in the aftermath of the disaster. Indecision of the authorities is sowing panic among the more ordinary people, damages the country's image in the eyes of foreign tourists.


Learn the lessons of Thailand's leadership is flooding? The appearance of the reconstructed Bangkok will answer this question.