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Modern technology training: web conferencing, webinars and case studies

Published: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 11:22
By: admin

Technology development has decided one of the major issues of corporate trainers. Specialists in internal training are often faced with opposition from the company related to the reluctance of the heads of departments to release staff to workplace training.

Conduct training in a remote location reduces the time for moving expenses and rental of conference rooms and hotel rooms for employees. What are the different forms of learning in distance mode? What are their main features?


The webinar includes an address by the lecturer online. Learners can see the speaker on the screen and can ask questions in writing. They use this messaging program.

The webinar is suitable for training with the assistance of specialists. Usually it requires the introduction of new products and technologies in the organization. Corporate trainer to conduct training involves the head of the department profile, which describes the linear professionals on new developments.

Web Conference

The webcast allows participants to the event to communicate with each other on a "peer." All participants can see each other on the screen, can communicate in the voice mode, with each team member.

This webcast provides a high degree of involvement of participants in the communication process. Corporate trainer can use the forms of group work, brainstorming and other techniques that improve learning.

Using case studies and discussion in online

Case studies provide practical tasks that learners decide on the basis of their expertise and knowledge. Decision Case develops managerial skills among the staff creates the ability to make decisions.

Discussion of the results from case studies among participants of training is an essential component of this technique. Modern web technologies allow to organize the discussion in a remote location.

The process of corporate education can not be built only on distance methods. However, the organization of training activities in the form of web conferencing and webinars reduces the cost of providing training of staff.