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Investment in the pharmaceutical industry will become the most profitable in the XXI century

Published: Sun, 04/01/2012 - 17:12
By: admin

The global pharmaceutical industry is developing faster pace in recent decades. Invest in the development of new medicines interested private investors and managers of investment funds from around the world.


The demand for high quality medical products will grow in coming years due to population demographics, socio-economic and scientific factors. The population of developed countries is steadily aging. Residents of the United States and Western Europe to increase the consumption of drugs, need for new hospitals and care facilities for the elderly.


Population increases in developing countries, the welfare of people is growing. Even so, the inhabitants of Africa and Asia, die from infectious diseases and hunger, when doctors in Europe and North America have the tools to save lives from cancer and other ailments that were previously considered fatal. The need for medicines in the Third World and developing countries remains very high.


Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals create medicines that improve the quality of life of patients with hypertension, heart failure, arthritis and other diseases of old age. Many patients can take one pill per day for disease control through the establishment of long-acting formulations.


Developing countries are investing in the development of the pharmaceutical industry billions of U.S. dollars. This policy is supported at government level. India has already become one of the world's leading manufacturers of generic or low-cost analog-effective proprietary products. China invests in developing its own modern medicine, planning to become the world leader in the pharmaceutical industry over the next decade.


Private investors and corporations can take advantage of favorable circumstances for the capital increase. Investments in the development and manufacture products that will be one of the most successful investment decisions in the coming years. Growth of agricultural production, food production and alternative energy - that very few industries that can compete with pharmaceuticals for the potential return on investment.