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Personnel management: features of the representatives of creative professions and disciplines of computer professionals

Published: Thu, 04/12/2012 - 19:39
By: admin

Head of enterprise managers and staff need to be tailored to work with certain categories of employees. Experts of computer specialties (eg, computer programmers, computer security experts, system administrators) and the creative staff (artists, designers, product developers) need special management attention. How to organize the interaction between these categories of staff and management of the company?




Specialists in information technology are the key safety and success of modern companies. Storage and processing of the database, the operation of CRM-systems, web-based communications play an important role in the business.


IT-specialists are classic representatives of the back-office, in most cases. The company's management will make a big step towards building a loyal and professional department, if the release of specialists from the need to comply with the corporate style of dress.


Ability to independently establish work schedules and receive compensation based on the results of work will be a great way to motivate IT-specialists. Preventing conflicts with employees is a contribution to the security company as a programmer can "stop" the whole company for a few days in case of dismissal or other penalties.


The representatives of creative professions


These professionals work best in conditions of maximum freedom. Fee depending on the outcome of labor is the best way to control subjects when working with designers. The company's management may consider the possibility of creative people out of the house, if they maintain high efficiency at the same time.


The manager should update the utility and commercial development of the creative direction of staff. Passion for creativity and innovation may be interesting from the perspective of the employee, but the company's customers in need of practical results.


Freedom and self-organization - these are the principles on which to build a labor organization of information technology specialists and artists. Are you ready to take responsibility for the results of this experiment?