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Shopping Tips from the owner of timeshare certificates with experience

Published: Thu, 05/10/2012 - 22:41
By: admin


Sherry Garrett of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA, working financial advisor. She owns two timeshare. Mrs. Garrett told ABC News that the buyers should be aware of timeshare.


Sherry Garrett bought my first timeshare 20 years ago during a vacation at the resort. Specialists in the sale of her invited to the presentation directly to the hotel lobby when the woman returned to his room. Mrs. Garrett was delighted with the club recreation opportunities, and therefore immediately decided to buy a timeshare. But first she took the opportunity to relax at the resort free of charge, receiving a promotional certificate directly to the presentation.


Sherry Garrett said she was the "victim" of experienced sales, buying two certificates instead of one. The woman was forced to pay annual management fees, which seemed to her burden. This has led to the decision of Mrs. Garrett sell certificates, even though she had no complaints about the quality of rest. To the surprise of Sherry Garrett, she could not sell Timeshares for the same price at which it bought them. She refused to sell the certificate only in order to avoid paying management fees.


Sherry Garrett felt the decision to buy one of their Timeshares error until the system met with the exchange company RCI. Mrs. Garrett was traded, and rent their intervals, and bestowed them several times to his friends.


Mrs. Garrett recommends that buyers of certificates to adhere to these rules:


• Check your keywords sales certificates, which they say at the presentation site. Very often, they exaggerate the value of the certificates. Calculator, pencil and paper can help to accurately calculate the economic impact of timeshare ownership.


• Pay attention to the interval that you buy. You can not profitably sell or exchange interval, giving the right to stay in low season.


• Be aware of the need for administrative fees. Some management companies reserve the right to increase them, which is not in the interests of the owner of the certificates.


Membership in the RCI resort is an advantage for the holder of the certificate, said Ms Garrett.