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How to evaluate the competence of the applicant during the interview

Published: Fri, 08/17/2012 - 23:36
By: admin


In most large organizations, the position is a specialist recruiter, having a degree in psychology or human resource management. He is an expert in assessing the personal qualities of candidates, easily determines that the character and temperament of the candidate position.


However, sometimes the HR manager does not have sufficient knowledge in the professional field, represented the applicant. For example, a recruiter can well understand people, but it is unlikely to be a thorough knowledge of programming, bio-engineering or nuclear physics. As an expert psychologist can assess professional knowledge of applicants in such cases?


  •     One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to conduct several phases interview. In the first stage the recruiter will independently communicate with the candidate, assessing his personal characteristics. In the second phase recruitment manager can work together with the head of the department in which the search is conducted sotrudnika.Imenno Head assess competencies of the applicant


  •     The use of standard forms and tests can also be used to assess competency of the applicant. These forms should be designed by experts with specialized knowledge. Moreover, all the questionnaires should have clear evaluation criteria to the recruiter can easily interpret them.


  •     Receive recommendations on candidates for previous job. This evaluation method can be considered as indirect, as it is likely that the applicant has asked his former colleagues and the leadership to give him a good recommendation. However, if the specialist has a very low level of training, even his good friends hardly take responsibility to recommend to his employer.


HR manager may also use other methods of assessment of competencies of candidates. However, this does not exempt him from having to gradually learn that sphere of activity in which the organization operates. In this case, the recruiter at least learn to identify candidates explicit amateurs and scammers. In addition, knowledge of the scope of the company will help the recruiter noticing talented candidates among trainees and students who have not yet had time to get professional training.