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The head of Club La Costa Leslie Mackay: Industry club rest attract a new generation of investors

Published: Tue, 09/04/2012 - 16:50
By: admin

The head of one of the largest operators in the world club rest Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels (CLC World) Leslie McCann gave an interview Sharetime. Mr McCann said that the timeshare industry has managed to attract a new generation of investors who have replaced the initial holders of certificates.


"Since its introduction, the industry club rest donated tens of thousands of families around the world access to a new way of rest", - the head of CLC World Leslie McCoy interview Sharetime. The expert stressed that timeshare gives investors an extra holiday each year. That's what he called to rest at the best resorts in the world. Mr McCann also said that the industry has changed the club rest ideas about the ideal holiday of many people in Europe and other regions.


Leslie McCann recalled that European residents first became acquainted with the timeshare industry in the 70-ies of XX century. Since then, the industry has always tried to change to meet the growing needs of holidaymakers. However, the principles of the sector remained unchanged. According to Lesley McKenna, representatives resorts dreams come true investors quality rest.


Company CLC World was one of the first operators of leisure club, which allowed investors to take their property out for profit. This has expanded the capabilities of existing customers as well as attract new ones.


Leslie McCann emphasized the need to attract young investors to relax in the resorts. According to experts, it is essential to the development of the industry. Company CLC World has made progress in cooperation with young families from different countries.


Mr McCann also told of an investigation related to 30-40 year old club rest of Europeans, which was conducted by specialists Bournemouth University. The study found that young consumers still prefer to buy short-term timeshare products (promotional week, promotional tours).


Leslie McCann stressed that the company CLC World is planning a marketing campaign on social networks to promote recreation club for young people.