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Professional and personal profile Helpdesk

Published: Thu, 10/11/2012 - 09:57
By: copy1

Large financial corporations, banks and insurance companies, retailers and other business organizations organize customer support to improve the quality of customer service. These offices provide sales service customers, the solution of controversial issues, claims in insurance, guarantee assistance to clients who are in a difficult situation.


Customer support department employees face every day with dozens or hundreds of clients. Many are turning to the company with complaints and claims. The specialists of the department are, figuratively speaking, a lightning rod by major portion of discontent over the audience. It can be concluded that the employees of this department must have certain personal and professional characteristics to cope with the work.


Consider these characteristics:


    Temperament. Clerk, customer support should be sanguine and phlegmatic. This will allow it to adequately respond to emotional expressions of discontent customers. If an employee has a melancholy or choleric temperament, it is probably not suitable for use in that department.


    Self-esteem. Helpdesk employee must have an adequate medium to high self-esteem. In this case, it will be worthy to represent the company in dealing with any client.


    Communication skills. Shall have good communication skills, be able to actively listen to the client and to express empathy. He must be able to express their ideas logically, speak clearly.


    Analytical mind. Expert must quickly analyze the situation, to respond to customer inquiries. Also, he must delve into the problems of the clients to find the right solution.


    Stress. Helpdesk workers often hear unflattering words and even insults to the company. Therefore, they must have high stressouchtochivostyu.


    Professionalism. Said specialists must deeply understand the business of the company to provide customers with professional consultations.


Using these characteristics, you can pick a good expert in customer support.