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Independent custody in the organization of club rest

Published: Thu, 10/11/2012 - 12:09
By: copy1

Any large business related to international financial flows, needs an independent legal support when excluded pressure on the process and misconduct on the part of the founder to the owners of club ownership certificates. As formation of club rest came the need for education of law firms to act as guarantors of the rights of both founders and users. These functions assume a trust or notarial company providing safety package of constituent documents.


Responsibility of a company is the creation of statutory documents of the club and the register of members (as well as its reference). The scope of the trustee organization is issuing certificates to timeshare ownership and management of current operations, property management, including the renewal of the property to another person (resale, donation, etc.). Notarial custody is carried out mainly in the case of a gift, grant a certificate by inheritance, that is, when there is a life tenancy. The trustee acts as a holder of notary account where members can remit payment certificate. In this case, it kind of special funds aimed at the independent management of cash flows, if the certificate holder is not certain, "cleanliness" of the founder or a marketing company engaged in the presentation and sale of certificates.


Reputation European companies Trustees is very high, because at stake are multi-million selling and rigid system of legal instruments of regulation. Most companies perform its services for more than 10 years. The problem of fraud in the European segment sales taymshernyh now practically excluded, can not be said about these services in the FSU.


One function of the trustee - to regulate property disputes between the founders and owners of the certificates. Medial (conciliation) function allows the trustee to resolve disputes out of court.


European trust companies provide safety rights of tens of thousands of companies and founding owners of club certificates.