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Portrait of the average owner of a club certificate

Published: Mon, 10/22/2012 - 11:46
By: copy1

Leisure Club - form pastime for many people around the world. Clubs annually draw up certificates for the millions of dollars. Exploring the tourism market, unwittingly wonders about who he was, the proud owner of a guaranteed vacation? To present it to the average portrait, must build on several criteria: ability to pay, mobility, and a willingness to travel, and also to save on family investments, but to get better services. Add to this room cool enough place, as a normal person from time to time need to obtain a sufficient amount of sunlight and heat. Marital status - another important factor that determines the desire for stable and predictable rest. By bringing all these components together, we get a certain image of the consumer club rest. This man is middle-high, 35 years old, as a rule, well-educated (at least college), mostly residents of the temperate climate zone. Has a family without children or with children have grown up. The age limit for most consumers club rest too. After 55-60 years, people become less mobile due to age-related changes begin, but here, of course, there are exceptions.


The highest percentage of cardholders club rest observed in North America and the UK, followed by the countries of the North-Western and Western Europe, where the standard of living is higher than in most other European countries. Elsewhere buying club weeks distributed more or less evenly and does not exceed 20%-the "ceiling" of people with a high income with a corresponding age interval. In recent years, a variety of offers on the market club rest and increased exchange of weeks have pushed the market to a significant increase. Statistics say that the average holding period of the club certificate is nine years. Many of the former owners of club cards into being the owners of real estate equity, and in their place new ones. Improving the system of club rest goes to the international and national levels, so now rest assured fans better protected legally, own more accessible mechanism for obtaining information (Internet Services), and forms of financial relations (mobile payment systems), and therefore can afford to diversity recreation and the required quality.