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Romance is always popular

Published: Wed, 10/31/2012 - 19:02
By: copy1

It does not matter whether you go on vacation your family, circle of friends and couples with a romantic partner - in the world there will always be places where this will be an unforgettable vacation. Not all of the hotels listed below are considered to be popular, even if they are chosen for a relaxing holiday in a fabulous and ancient streets. However, those that are selected for this holiday tourists, really bring to the short trip to the atmosphere of mystery and a sense of eternity. The top ten most romantic places to stay every fall:


  •     Anastasis hotel in Santorini
  •     Petasos Beach Hotel & Spa on the island of Mykonos
  •     Traditional Houses in the Cyclades
  •     Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel
  •     Emelisse in Kefalonia
  •     Buca di Bacco, near Naples
  •     La Minerva in Capri
  •     Coeur des Alpes in Zermatt (Switzerland)
  •     Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris
  •     Locanda dell'Amorosa in Tuscany


As you can see, a third of these favorite tourist destinations - located in the historic European cities, the majority - in Greece. Virtually all of the hotels are located on the coast, where the couple or a couple, gray-haired, can spend happy days away from the noisy civilization, but not enough to be completely detached from it: The hotel has all the necessary means of communication and the Internet. Hotel apartments differ dramatically not only the interior but also in services. Somewhere there is a special relaxing spa somewhere offers boat trips and diving, almost all apartments have open loft, where possible in a warm and cozy atmosphere to drink a good glass of wine and feast on local delicacies. All hotels in "romantic" of the rating is in a picturesque environment that makes family and love to come back here more than once.