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How to adapt your business to new technology and consumer needs: practical advice

Published: Mon, 11/26/2012 - 13:55
By: copy1

Today is no surprise that the rate of appearance of new technologies has increased significantly. This trend provokes corresponding changes needs of the modern consumer. How then to be able to react to these mini-revolution and adapt your business to them?


Shared their experiences Jack Trout - Marketing guru in the world, President Trout & Partners. He suggested in the 5 basic principles by which every businessman is able to keep up with the times.


So first of all - and your value! Any product or service will be always in demand, if they are more valuable than others. Naturally, this will have to work on, but all efforts will pay off.


The second principle - competitive. Now competitors are popping up all over the world, we should not underestimate them, believe me, at the time, one did not think that Samsung will achieve such success. So try to be a cut above.


The third key to success - the use of technology. People are watching what is happening on the planet through their iPhone or iPad. Apple has managed to dramatically change not only the world, but the world of its users. Bet on gadgets, and you will win.


The most basic principle - Challenge yourself. Do not dwell on what could be achieved all the time working to find new ways to develop. A striking example - rendering Kodak - the company that developed digital photography, do not promote it, for fear of losing their positions, and, in the end, lost everything they had.


Fifth Council of the great marketing - to attract young people to work, it is - the future of your business. That young entrepreneurs will be able to adapt quickly to market conditions, to navigate in them, learn the rules of the game and even win it.


All of the above does not require significant cost and effort, but the results of this work will provide your business the most important - stability! After all, according to Trout, overnight new technology could destroy the company, operating years.