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Three ways to monetize intellectual property in the Internet-projects

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 17:15
By: admin

The problem of monetization of intellectual property relevant to most web projects. Owners of sites, social networks, blogs and news sources have learned to solve the problem of generating traffic. However, the high attendance of the resource will not automatically be converted into cash receipts. Software developers, sellers of goods and services solve this problem easily. The user can not get the product until it pays the price. What methods are suitable for the monetization of online projects that are not selling goods and services?


1. Advertising Model - the easiest way to generate income from work visited resource. To install the unit ad Goggle AdWords resource must meet the minimum requirements. There are services that can accommodate ad unit on any website or blog. Pay per click model ensures the optimum ratio into account the interests of the employer and the owner of the resource.


2. Paid access to some information on the site. This model is suitable for owners of copyright works, unique statistics, exclusive analytical materials. It is worth noting that online access gives good results in working with companies and corporations. Individuals are reluctant to pay money for information, preferring to use alternative means of receiving it.


3. Receive income from the activity of the community. This model is suitable for financial resources, social networks, resources intermediaries. Site owners get commission from the financial operations of the participants. A resource can guarantee the security of transactions, provide optimal conditions for the parties concerned.


Many Internet projects use several ways to monetize, depending on the specific target audience. It should be noted that most investors are willing to invest in online projects, which aim to directly receive payments from users.


The company's specialists Farlega Investment Limited provides expert support Internet projects in need of modern technology monetization of intellectual property.