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Five benefits of mentoring as a form of training

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 17:18
By: admin

The personnel potential of the enterprise - the main competitive advantage in the business environment of the XXI century. Companies who are able to teach the inexperienced novice and turn them into a classroom professionals achieve success in any situation. Corporate universities, regular training sessions and lectures of experienced managers play an important role. However, they are of limited use in a real production environment.


Organizational psychologists have found that the first three months of employee adapts to the new workplace. Think of people still do not remember how to call colleagues by mistake comes in the kitchen cabinet instead of the boss, and since it requires to show the result of work! Way out - the system of corporate mentoring. Companies able to appreciate the resources, always fasten the beginner an experienced colleague. What is the advantage of such a learning system?


1. An experienced mentor helps the novice to adapt to the team. This person will tell you what was the name of the financial director, which means that little smile on his face the boss, and whether to flirt with a girl from the red of the marketing department. But most importantly - with a mentor novice will never forget, where the kitchen.


2. Mentoring allows you to quickly master the techniques and algorithms work accepted in this company. The theoretical course MBA - this is fine, but each organization has its own secrets and benefits. This information is transmitted by means of lectures and workshops - just an older friend can teach a beginner to local regulations.


3. Typically, a mentor - one of the best practitioners of the organization. Business coach said that to start talking about buying a policy is necessary after the conversation about the weather? And how many policies sold this business coach? Mentor knows exactly what works in practice is best.


4. Mentoring involves the sharing of responsibility for performance between experienced and novice staff. Each receives an extra motivation to work fully. As a result, the beginner can demonstrate good sales the first week of work.


5. Mentoring allows experienced personnel to "stay in a cage." They can not afford to relax, if there is an ambitious young partner. What if a student pereplyunet teachers, and the first will receive a pay rise?


Mentoring does not require any additional cost or distraction from work. Sufficient to establish the number of employees desktops. Another little secret of this form of training is useful for beginners. Make friends with his mentor - he knows best how and when you can relax without prejudice to the outcome of work!