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In most large organizations, the position is a specialist recruiter, having a degree in psychology or human resource management. He is an expert in assessing the personal qualities of candidates, easily determines that the character and temperament of the candidate position.



The value of shares Facebook fell to $ 20 per share in early August. In mid-May, these securities are sold for $ 38 apiece. IPO's largest social network in the world has become one of the most successful in history, but the dynamics of stock prices after a Facebook IPO can not please investors.



In mid-July 2012 American Association for the development of resorts (ARDA) has published the results of investigations of the influence of club recreation industry in the U.S. economy last year. According to ARDA, leisure club has brought to the United States $ 70 billion in 12 months.



The U.S. mortgage crisis began in 2006, then grew into a global financial crisis. The peak of this crisis was the fall of 2008, when the collapse of one of the largest U.S. bank Lehman Brothers. However, the American and global economies have coped with the difficulties began restoration in 2009.



The economic crisis lead to a decline in business activity, reduce production and consumption of goods and services. In this situation, the business organizations to optimize their costs by reducing the cost of maintenance of territorial representation, event marketing and labor costs.



The cost of oil is one of the indicators of the global economy. When the industry, transport industry and other sectors are growing in most countries of the world oil price increases. The falling economy does not need much fuel, so the oil price decline.




Sherry Garrett of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA, working financial advisor. She owns two timeshare. Mrs. Garrett told ABC News that the buyers should be aware of timeshare.



The global pharmaceutical industry is developing faster pace in recent decades. Invest in the development of new medicines interested private investors and managers of investment funds from around the world.