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Industry leisure club has made the adoption of the U.S. authorities in Florida timeshare resale Act and the liability of operators. The adoption of this Act will make the club more attractive vacation and safe for consumers.


The European debt crisis has led many investors and businessmen to abandon plans to buy assets in Europe. Business people fear the worsening situation in the euro-zone economy, defaults of individual countries and the collapse of financial markets.

The European end of the world is canceled, and some EU markets are very promising in terms of investment. Why not?


The system works successfully recreation club for its members to legal entities. Management companies provide support for the operation of the resort and its infrastructure. Agents participating in the trading exchange platform ensures the conclusion of transactions in accordance with the standards and procedures. Law firms are evaluating and examination certificates.


Technology development has decided one of the major issues of corporate trainers. Specialists in internal training are often faced with opposition from the company related to the reluctance of the heads of departments to release staff to workplace training.


Flooding in Thailand has caused hundreds of deaths. It has caused billions of dollars in damages the country's economy. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, faced with severe destruction. What lessons should make government and business from this catastrophe?



The global financial crisis, the active phase of which began in 2008, called "mortgage" because of its root causes. The U.S. Mortgage has developed as a house of cards, because of falling property prices and the unwillingness and inability to service debt borrowers in difficult economic conditions.



The global economy did not have time to get out of the mortgage crisis of 2008, as faced with the threat of the debt crisis of 2011. Entire industries have accepted the operation of a business-saving mode, reducing staff and taking a loss. Is there a business that generates the greatest revenue is in crisis?



A professional recruiter can evaluate candidates for obtaining the vacant position on the interview results. What criteria uses recruiter?



The unstable world economic situation has forced bankers to restrict lending. Business needs funding constant, so the problems of the banking system will automatically affect the work of enterprises.