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Methods for assessing candidates, the time-tested

Published: Tue, 07/17/2012 - 20:23
By: admin

Working in the department of recruiting a large financial company, I spend every day interviews with several candidates for various positions. Specialists in sales, customer service experts, managers need to resolve the loss of my organization is almost constant.


However, even a few recruiters spend a week or two to find a qualified applicant, which can be directed to the final interview with the head of the company. Dozens of other candidates do not meet the needs of my company, which is explained in an interview. What are the methods I use to evaluate a candidate for a post?


Every interview starts with a casual conversation with the applicant, during which I appreciate his appearance, demeanor. Employee of the front office should be able to make a favorable impression on the customer, that I must constantly keep in mind. However, I must not forget that during the first meeting almost every job seeker is worried and feels uncomfortable in one degree or another.


Casual conversation gradually turns into a full interview, in which I get meaningful information about the professional activities of the candidate's biography, education, professional skills and achievements. Particular attention I pay to the applicant's reasons for leaving previous job.


Standards for Evaluation of applicants accepted in our company, get recommendations require that a potential employee. If the applicant does not have letters of recommendation, I ask him to provide contact details for the person in charge of his previous company, which will give the applicant a recommendation. However, I do not limit communication with the responsible person referred candidate.


Then I use one of the methods for assessing the personal qualities of potential employees. I prefer to use a variety of projective techniques that virtually eliminate the possibility to influence the outcome of research by the candidate. I will definitely determine the locus of control of the applicant, as a result of the highest sought people with internal locus of control.


Sometimes I ask the applicant to write mini-essays on the theme "What I want to achieve in the first year of the company." This task allows you to assess creative ability of the applicant, as well as the degree of awareness of the scope of our company.


And what would you write the essay, if I gave you a job during the interview?