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How do I sell timeshare

Published: Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:26
By: admin

My grandmother asked me to sell a timeshare in Florida, which she enjoyed for many years. She said she did not want to go there, where she always went together with my grandfather, who died last year. In addition, proceeds from the sale of certificate of my grandmother wanted to use the money to help my parents with payments on the mortgage.


As you can imagine, I've never sold Timeshares, so I decided to contact the realtor agency, and published an ad on several sites. And since the certificate was issued to my 78-year-old grandmother, I registered on the sites of free classified ads under its name.


A few hours after the announcement I received a dozen proposals to immediately buy me a certificate for the price I ask for it. I am so glad that I decided not to delay the registration of the transaction. By selecting one of the proposals I have written about their willingness to sell the timeshare.


Manager of the company, which has agreed to purchase a certificate of my grandmother, said that the paperwork will take 3-5 days, after which the money for the timeshare will be transferred to a bank account. And I immediately opened to the necessary documents to my grandmother signed them, if the manager does not put forward one condition. He said that the deal I need to pay for services in advance. The cost of these services was only $ 150.


And that's when I decided to check that the company is asking me to pay her $ 150. Not surprisingly, on the first page of Google, I found several complaints about a company-by-night, whose name coincides with the name of "my" company. Well, I decided not to work with scammers, so turned to another company. But each firm asked me to pay for its services before the deal, whose value ranged from 150 to 700 dollars.


On the Internet I found information that the fraudsters are trusted older timeshare owners wishing to sell them. They promise to buy a certificate, but charge for their services a small fee, which amounts to several hundred dollars.


Needless to say, that the fraudster stops to get in touch as soon as you transfer money to him? A reference to the police does nothing, as the company, which is an expert liar, never existed. Grandparents often look in the internet before the conclusion of the transaction, and dishonest businessmen take advantage of this.


Also on the Internet I found the data from several stock exchanges, where you can safely buy or sell timeshare. Using the service, one of them, I sold my grandmother certificate. True, we had to wait for a buyer for several months, and slightly lower sales price. But sometimes it is prudent not to fall into the trap, right?