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Why should not a recruiter to help friends find jobs

Published: Fri, 09/07/2012 - 17:54
By: admin

I work in the department of recruiting a large financial corporation. In the scope of my responsibilities include recruitment of specialists for a sales manager, information technology specialists and managers.


As you know, jobs for sales professionals are the most problematic for me as a professional sales manager self-select where they want to work. So I and my colleagues are looking for candidates who possess the necessary personal qualities to become a good sales professionals.


Recently I asked my friend, with whom we were in college. He lost his job in the sales department of metallurgical factory. A friend told me that the demand for metals on world markets fell because of the crisis, so it reduces the volume of enterprise products and fire staff. He asked me to help him find a job, because I work in the field of recruitment.


Imagine how happy I am! Not only that, I got a sales manager with six years of experience, so he is also my friend, with whom you can play squash after work. Naturally, his resume in the morning lying on the table of the chief, and in two days had passed the final interview.


It is worth noting that our boss always rely on the professionalism of recruiters, so the final interviews are all candidates. Rather, almost all, because sometimes there are experts with inadequately high claims. So, my friend came out of the cabinet chief is in the status of a specialist in the sale of our company.


In the early days, so good, as the newly-made sales manager was part of the course of affairs and studied products. However, it later turned out that the sale of metals is so different from the sale of financial services, that for three weeks, my friend has not concluded any deal. And it would not be so bad if he had not come to work drunk.


As I found out later, he lost his job at the steel plant, not because of the crisis. Of course, apart from the crisis beer drinking, which he suffered. And I have not even thought about how to get advice and to conduct a full interview. Imagine that boss told me after my friend was fired three weeks after recruitment, when once again sitting at work drunk the morning.


Now I always send them to friends and acquaintances to the interview of his colleagues. After all, I do not want to lose their jobs, too!