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Interviewing recruiter eyes

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 14:37
By: admin

I work in HR-business for over 10 years. Recently, I prefer to focus on conducting training sessions, but interviewing is my daily duty. I try to help each applicant to find a place in one of the companies with whom I work. What hinders and what helps people to successfully pass the interview?


Three common mistakes


• Incorrectly written resume - yes, the inability to resume deprives many applicants likely to get even an interview. Look on the Internet, how to write this document. If you do not have time, consult an expert.


• Failure to submit themselves - uncertainty, nervousness ... It is the principal enemies of the applicant. Before the interview, go to the mirror. Look at yourself - you do irresistible! You are the best expert in his field, so this will be yours. Notice how changed look, posture, voice? Think about it before the Cabinet recruiter.


• Self-confidence, over-ambition - these traits irritate your interlocutor. Head of the company is looking for professional salespeople, but not a snob with a huge ego. Be confident in yourself, but not overconfident.


Three of the best assistant


• A smile, a sense of humor - it is an undoubted advantage, both during interviews and at work. Make the recruiter or manager of a smile, it's half the battle.


• Demonstrate willingness to learn, improve, work hard for the good of the company. Do you know German? Tell me, what must learn it while working in Germany. You are quick learner, you will do your best to learn the handling of this high-tech installation.


• Focus on job content, objectives and plans of the company. Discuss the level of pay in the end. This will show the employer that you are interested in interesting activities. What could be more interesting to work in a company X?


I often recommend to positions yesterday's college graduates. Many times I have seen the former executives could not withstand the competition for the vacant position in the department of any small firm. Work on yourself, on your personal, communicative and professional qualities. It helps to successfully pass the interview.