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Good habits for your walle

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 15:50
By: admin

Financial planning for kids - excellent training course! I continue to learn together with their child, and I'm interested. One of the last theme that I liked very much - our habits in handling money. It turns out that we can be programmed to be mindless waste of money. Accordingly, you can reprogram the money to linger in our wallet.


What kind of habits do you mean?


• The habit of paying by credit card can play with us a cruel joke. Of course, everyone knows about the credit trap. Many people have learned not to fall into this trap. They spend as much money as are not incurring debt. Bank card for them - just a convenient way to pay for purchases. But here too there is a catch. Even if you put the card through their own money, you can spend too much. The fact that a person is easier to waste, when not holding the banknotes and coins. Virtual money on a plastic card disappear faster than cash in your wallet!


• Many people are aware of the benefits of the list before going to the supermarket. This helps to avoid spontaneous spending and unnecessary purchases. You can enhance this effect many times, if you develop the habit to buy food once a week in the wholesale hypermarkets. You can save up to 10% of the value of the products in retail stores. The cost of gasoline paid off handsomely, besides, you can stop off for shopping on the way home from work.


• Habit save 10% on any earnings rendered a true service to many people. It can be improved - ask your employer to automatically transfer 10% of your income on a deposit account. You will avoid the temptation to immediately spend the money.


• A little mystery will not prevent us - always put your money in your wallet in an orderly fashion. They should be located inside the front part. Also, bills need to put in a purse, according to their par value (first run hundreds, then tens). Special section for coins should never be empty. Maybe someone does seem ridiculous, but not me.


• Lunch at work - an important point each day. Significantly reduce these costs will help the habit of taking lunch to work from home. In addition to money saved, this habit will save your health. After all, home cooking is much healthier than eating fast food from.


Are you ready to change to become richer?