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Health insurance as a factor in providing personal financial security

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 15:53
By: admin

Health insurance has long been one of the main components of a social package of employees of large companies. Paying for insurance to its workers, the company shows him his care and respect. What is behind the health insurance policies?


Standard package includes cover the following risks:


• Emergency medical care in hospital

• urgent surgical intervention

• routine inspection by the attending physician once a year


Optionally, the policy may cover risks need urgent dental care, elective treatment of occupational and chronic diseases. Policy for key staff usually includes protection for his family.


Why health insurance is important in terms of security of personal finance? No man can be sure that he is not ill, or become a victim of an accident. Self-payment for medical services - a real blow to the wallet.


Attempts to self-insurance, or reserve a certain amount of "rainy day" are less effective than a contract with a reliable insurer. Think what it would cost a serious surgery? How much money do you keep your current account to cover unexpected expenses? And the most important question - how much is insurance?


Of course, it is much less than the amount that would have to spend in the event of a serious health disorder. If your employer will not provide insurance coverage, do it yourself. Take the money, which is delayed for a "rainy day" and travel insurance. The remaining funds you can safely put on a long-term deposit - money they would work, but do not lie dormant.


In addition, the policy will protect you much better thanks to the support of assisted services. Relatively speaking, you can expect to clock a hint. Operators will tell you what to do and where to go if something happens.