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Events in Japan - financial disaster or investment opportunity?

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 16:10
By: admin

The earthquake in Japan has become a real information bomb - all the TV channels and Internet sites are filled with materials of this event. I hope the Japanese take control of the situation in nuclear power and scope of the disaster did not increase.


Earthquake - a powerful blow to the Japanese economy. Prime Minister Kang has said that the country's GDP would lose several tens of percent. Stock markets in Japan in the first trading day after the disaster struck at 7%. The banking system is paralyzed, the real estate market is waiting for the unenviable fate in the short term.


The Japanese economy - the third largest in the world. Do you think that international investors think? Personally, I think that an earthquake - it's shot in the back of global markets that are still not fully strengthened after the financial crisis. Perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of his second wave?


Panic - the best time to buy


Japanese disaster caused the sale of shares around the world. Indices decline on global markets, there are signs of panic. What does panic astute investor? The time is good shopping! When the panic reached its climax, it is necessary to enter the market.


It was the Japanese stock and real estate investment idea will be a decade. I believe in the people and Government of Japan. Think of the samurai and the kamikaze who bravely gave their lives for the idea! The Japanese are able to cope with the consequences of the disaster, and the international community to help them.


Now imagine for a moment now - the country woke up from tragedy. In the affected areas destroyed buildings, roads, power plants. Discouraged? No, this is not about Japan! Financial and human resources will be thrown on the rehabilitation of infrastructure. Investments will run into the billions and trillions of dollars.


By the way, the Bank of Japan has already announced the purchase of assets worth 183 billion dollars. This is a signal to investors that even if the top of Mount Fuji will be underwater (God forbid), the Japanese government will support the economy and financial system.


Who will enter the Japanese markets are now able to earn tens or hundreds of percent in the reconstruction of the country from the effects of the earthquake. So why wait?