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As I rested in Mexico

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 16:13
By: admin

I was fortunate to spend their vacation in the Mexican state of Campeche on the Yucatan Peninsula. I ended up here on the recommendation of friends who, like me, riding on the boards. However, my board stood in the room all the ten days that I spent here. And it's not about the lack of waves ... but first things first.


Campeche - not the most popular among tourists in Mexico state. Vacationers do not have time to spoil the local population, so the price of food and the rooms are lower than in the famous resort. Young family has put me a room with a separate entrance and a shower for a nominal fee, so I was left to himself. Incidentally, these Mexicans fluent in English.


The first day I went to the beach. Clean, the availability of showers and sun loungers have pleased me, but the lack of waves forced to miss. But not for long - some guys from Canada to the entire beach discussing seen in Campeche attractions. It was about some pyramids, so I thought that in Egypt there is also the area of ​​Campeche.


In the evening I asked her hospitable hosts, talking about what Canadian tourists. It turns out that in this region there are well-preserved buildings dating from the ancient Indians. Indians inhabited the Yucatan long before the Spanish arrived. The hosts were kind enough to agree to show me the local pyramids and museums.


A few hours drive away - and we got to the city of Calakmul. It is located in the jungle near the border of Mexico and Guatemala. Correct to say that Calakmul was a city at the time of the Maya. Here is the pyramid, which is larger than the all of their Egyptian sisters, but the pyramid of Cheops! I climbed the stairs to the top of her, you can see what has been a major Mayan city. Right angles of streets, buildings beauty - all this is guessed, even through the dense thickets.


Needless to say, that the remaining days spent in Mexico, I did not go to the beach? Culture, history and monuments of ancient civilization swallowed my head. I have traveled every museum dedicated to the Mayan Indians, for kindly leased my car hospitable hosts. The ruins of the city Etsna - a magical place where the stones are able to tell the legend. What can I say, you'll see yourself when you touch them by hand.


It seems that residents of the state of Campeche is not completely understood, what has the tourist potential of their land. Or maybe they do not want crowds of onlookers disturb their famous ancestors? In any case, I ask you about the service. Take to the monuments of the Mayan carefully and respectfully, when you're going to Mexico. Believe me, they are worth it!