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Why do we need financial advisers?

Published: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 16:50
By: admin

  Company Farlega Investments Limited operates in the market for personal and family financial counseling. Who are the financial advisers? What issues can be solved with their help? Why should I trust the financial advisor?


  Many people believe that they are able to cope with their financial affairs. Also widely believed that financial advisers need people with huge incomes. A simple employee can solve the problem, if it finds a better paying job.


  In schools and colleges do not teach people to manage a personal or family budget. As a result, families fall into the credit trap, working seven days a week and can not afford to take a full vacation. Financial advisor to the client can open their eyes to the general principles of money management:


1. The ability to save money is less important than the ability to earn. Everyone, regardless of income level, must set aside part of their earnings. Savings should perform several functions - protection against unforeseen circumstances, the provision in old age, getting additional income, the financing of major purchases.


2. Rich people know how to live within your means. Consumer loans make man a slave of financial institutions. Mortgage loan stands, but it also requires the right attitude. Other loans take a person to become wealthy.


3. The level of income depends on the personal jurisdiction of man. The ability to communicate specialized knowledge about finances allow a person to become successful. Additional education in financial literacy - a real step on the path to financial freedom.


  In addition, financial advisers can answer practical questions. Where to invest your spare cash? When should I buy real estate or stocks? Which bank or insurance company to choose? How to get a mortgage on better terms?


  Financial advisors are independent intermediaries. They represent the interests of the client, not a financial institution. If an advisor once to sell a bad product, to him they will not go for advice. If the banker or insurance agent seeks to sell its service company, the advisor helps you choose the best offer on the market.