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The aggravation of the European debt crisis led to a deterioration of economic conditions around the world. Reducing the rate of economic growth experiencing the U.S. and China, while Europe is living in a recession. Economic problems at the macro level a little concern to ordinary people, but the crisis is not simple summaries of news and expert commentary.



UAE authorities offer legally require all travelers to comply with the standards of conduct and dress code, which correspond to the Arab cultural traditions. The initiators of the adoption of the law proposes to ban women from wearing too revealing clothes. Also, campers will have to give up kissing and hugging in public places.



The European debt crisis quietly entered the acute phase in May this year. The results of the elections in Greece, the results of which were not formed a government, have led to talk of leaving the country of the eurozone. The sharp deterioration in the financial system in Spain was the occasion to fear the collapse of the fourth-largest economy in Europe.



Examples of Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs. Young people around the world rush to organize his own company, which must bring authors to money and fame. Most startups will cease to exist after a few months after launch. Why is this happening?



The industry successfully developed recreation club in the most developed and developing countries. This area of ​​the economy attracts investors, creating thousands of new jobs and ensure the development of resort infrastructure.



Many corporations are kept in the state of HR-departments not only recruiters and trainers, and specialists in personality psychology, social psychology and biheviorologov. What functions are performed by these specialists?



Everyone at least once in a lifetime to buy a product or service only for the seller to get rid of him. Salem-Professional managers know that compulsive behavior is one of the most successful sales strategies.


Sales of goods and services through social networks have become an alternative to traditional marketing. Why not extend this trend to sell timeshare?