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Every year in late winter, I went to rest in Egypt. Luxury villa in Sharm el-Sheikh has become of my week. Scuba diving, yachting on the high seas and the game of poker with the other guests is completely absorbed me.


Millions of people around the world are taking bank loans. The loan allows the person to obtain important and necessary things today. Mortgage loan the funds to buy a car - how many years people would have saved their own house or a car without credit?


Saudi Prince Al-Walid bought the stock recently Twitter $ 300 million. Why the deal would be for him a failure?


The global financial crisis has worsened the situation in the labor market in most countries. Americans and Europeans are faced with the highest unemployment in decades. Mass layoffs of skilled workers and top managers of financial institutions have become a major feature of the current situation.



Teaching children in "Young Millionaires Club" may be useful for parents. Imagine, my 11-year-old son told me in detail about how to pay off debt. He showed the specific numbers, which allowed me to believe in the possibility of paying a mortgage for a few years faster than planned. What do I need? Discipline and patience.



Investors and businessmen from around the world are ready to give a lot of information about the timing of the crisis. When buying shares will be risk-free? When the rental income from property will be comparable to the cost of its acquisition? When the return on investments in business?



Have you noticed that all educated people succeed in life? They are department heads and even the directors of branches of large firms. Many uneducated people become owners of large businesses, which employ professionals with diplomas prestigious universities. Why is this happening?



Wealthy people know the price of money. What cunning businessmen use to become rich and successful?




Sales Specialist is easy to operate even during a crisis. He needed every organization that sells goods or services. The success of this organization depends on the performance of sellers. 


As a salesperson can increase their effectiveness? What do I need to become a successful seller? 



The stock market crash, the threat of a second wave of the crisis, default Eurozone ... News about these events upset even the most peaceful people. What to do with stocks - to buy or sell? Is it worth to invest some of the capital into gold? Are there enough reliable my bank?