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Corporate Reviews

For Management, Investors and Lenders

Do you really know what is going on in your portfolio companies? As an investor, can you be certain that the business plan is being properly executed without lots of shortcuts or miscalculations? As a lender, has company management delayed the flow of information or provided incomplete and unsatisfactory answers to your inquiries?

Company-prepared reports, advisory boards and Board of Directors meetings all serve useful functions. However, these tools are usually limited in focus and often review the past instead of planning the future. Moreover, management's purpose is to present the corporate picture in the best possible light. But your purpose is to get down to reality and illuminate what is actually happening. A reality check allows you to make well-informed decisions and ultimately clarifies the proper strategy. You can't be certain of the facts unless an independent hands-on investigation occurs.

Farlega performs its assignments by consistently applying a proven methodology. As a part of our process, we:

  • Evaluate the company's current situation, seeking to discern and understand the key issues below the surface;
  • Analyze the existing business plan and level of applicability to the present environment;
  • Review corporate financial projections in light of management's view, product acceptance, sales mix, production process, infrastructure support, key
  • personnel and other critical variables;
  • Identify controls, procedures and policies appropriate to the business;
  • Recommend new strategies and tactical changes to strengthen existing business and improve future prospects.

Our corporate review gives you the road map of a company's future. It can be invaluable in a time of uncertainty. It helps to keep a business on-track, whether you are an investor or a lender.


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