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Business Services

Farlega  Partners, LLC is recognized as one of the leading business consulting firms in the country. This reputation has been earned through diligent work and excellent communication resulting with the respect of the tier-one financial institutions, Wall Street firms, venture capital firms and the credit granting community.

Farlega Business Services is an intricate part of the Farlega family of consulting services. Trustees and fiduciaries can rely on quality work and accurate information.

Business consulting is more than just a report; it is about the ability to act on the necessary and required changes. Farlega Business Consulting not only provides the information and reporting systems to make the right decision, we are there to assist in the implementation process.

Wellness Review™

Creditors negotiations

Trustee Assistance

Committee & Board assistance


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We know the industry and the industry knows Farlega. Farlega provides business consulting, financial management, human resources consulting and services for buying and selling of Timeshare for companies such as yours.
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