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Do You Have Employment Vacancies?

If your company holds employment vacancies and up to date job descriptions, please contact us  and will carry out a full review and call you back to seek clarification on any issues we have. If you are not in possession of a job description don’t worry, simply use our creation tool.

During the initial conversation we will discuss:

  • The rate we intend to charge and what it covers.
  • The rate we pay the employee and the appropriateness of a performance related bonus.
  • Answer any queries on our terms and conditions.
  • Discuss the preparations for success within the client company.
  • Establish how employees will be managed.
  • Required monitoring/mentoring of employees such as documenting Key Performance Indicators.
  • Documentation and contract issues that might be involved. In certain regulated areas written confirmation will be required.

Once a job description and terms are agreed we apply the following standards:

  • We run employment vacancies against our VIP list. This list contains candidates that have successfully passed our approval process as described below.
  • If no match is found we will communicate with our business partners in selected countries and seek to recruit appropriate candidates.

The process.

  • This starts with a fully documented CV the candidate can generate (here). If possible this should include a photograph.
  • An initial telephone interview will take place to gauge suitability. This will establish the person's intentions and general aptitude for work abroad.
  • We will explain that a criminal check is often required and if appropriate the candidate is urged to apply for this personally and bear the cost, as this will show commitment.
  • Two references are required depending on relevant laws. We investigate reliability, trustworthiness, absenteeism and social issues.
  • The job description is provided to the candidate together with on line access to standard documentation and if they indicate that they would like the job they are then asked to attend a face-to-face interview in the country of origin.
  • Depending on the level of English required by a client the interview will be conducted in the local language or English.
  • All trade qualifications will be gathered and translated into English.
  • A medical declaration form will be completed.

Additional processes if a good standard of English is required:

  • The candidate will be interviewed by telephone to confirm their language competence.

Optional processes available:


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