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Evaluation staff

Staff evaluation

Staff evaluation — allows measuring employees' performance, their professional competence, business and personal qualities, and potential in correlation with the company's strategic goals.

Staff evaluation in some form or other is always present at companies. Any manager routinely expresses his opinion on the performance of his underlings. Yet more often than not this evaluation is vague and emotionally tinted. If developed and conducted correctly, staff evaluation is an effective tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in staff performance, drawing up a professional development plan, building an open corporate culture and trust-based relations with the manager, raising business profitability through better staff management.

Benefits of staff evaluation for company:

1. Possibility to measure employees' performance, level of knowledge and skills, business and personal qualities.

2. Possibility for staff rotation and forming an HR pool.

3. A basis for developing a staff motivation, development, and training system.

Benefits of staff evaluation for employee:

1. The place and role of each employee are determined.
2. Clear understanding of tasks, success criteria, and performance-based remuneration.

3. Possibility to receive feedback from the manager.

4. Possibility to plan further development and assess career growth opportunities.

Depending on the tasks, we can evaluate the entire workforce (both managers and specialists), employees of a specific department, only managers of a certain level; evaluate professional knowledge and skills, performance, preparedness for management roles or work along other lines.

We use several staff evaluation methods. In evaluating your staff, our consultants will use methods that match your goals.

Our experts use psychological and socio-psychological diagnostic techniques, conduct business role play, and perform group evaluation procedures. Using a combination of methods produces a multifaceted profile of your staff.

A staff evaluation project involves the following stages:

1. Functional analysis of the company (type of business, development stage, key business processes, strategic and tactical goals, profitability, management system);

2. Analysis of the existing evaluation system;

3. Developing corporate principles of staff evaluation;

4. Choosing methods for staff evaluation at a given company;

5. Preparing a package of staff evaluation documents;

6. Staff evaluation proper;

7. Writing opinion reports on each evaluated employee or group;

8. Recommendations on managing employees who passed evaluation.

What you get:

1. Depending on your objectives: individual opinion reports on company employees, opinion reports on departments or individual employee groups, a summary report on staff monitoring.

2. Draft staff evaluation policy.

3. Recommendations on workforce distribution, chain of command, the most effective management style for a specific employee, staff motivation, staff development and training, forming an HR pool.


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