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Trading Floor

Top clubs

Farlega is the first open trading floor that specializes in buying and selling of Timeshare. We have assembled the largest operators of Timeshare industry on its trading floor. Farlega provides a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers of Timeshare to find each other and make a transaction online.
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Table top clubs will help you understand what certificates clubs currently in greatest demand in the market. Statistics are updated monthly

Club name number of Transactions
2The Compass Club1121
3Dream Works Vacation Club1113
5Polus Palace Thermal Golf Club Hotel1110
6Club La Dorada1085
7Atlas Club1082
8Royal Garden1080
9British Virgin Island1079
10Sindbad Beach Resorts Club1079
11Club La Costa Destinations Club1078
13Hollywood Mirage Club1075
14One World Holidays1075
15The Lanzarote Club1071
16Park Lane club1069
17Regency Country Club1063
18Birdland Home & Holidays1062
19Club las Adelfas II1060
20Club Puerto Calma1057
21Royal Sunset Beach Club1056
22Valton Harbor1053
23Atlantic View1052
24The Villas at Chayofa Country Club1050
25Jl. Telaga Waja1049
26Club La Costa Sunningdale Village1048
27Club Riviera1048
28Los Olivos1046
29Tropical Park1046
30Club La Costa Vacation Club Limited1044