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Trading Floor

Market forecasts

Farlega is the first open trading floor that specializes in buying and selling of Timeshare. We have assembled the largest operators of Timeshare industry on its trading floor. Farlega provides a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers of Timeshare to find each other and make a transaction online.
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This table shows the main indicators of the clubs for the latest reporting week (5 working days) and on this basis, our company has built a forecast as to whether the beneficial owners of certificates to sell them right now, and certificates of any clubs naimbolee profitable to buy at the moment.

Club Sell volumes Number of Transactions Growth % Forecasts (buy/sell)
A Window to the Club World 1405 90 -41 Sell
Absolute 1365 94 -27 Sell
Aeolos Beach Club 1414 66 -51 Sell
Albatros Beach Club and Hotel 1394 90 -25 Sell
Alliance Family Club 1464 64 -61 Sell
AlpeAdria Club at Novi Vinodolski 1406 90 -23 Sell
Altamira Club 1489 74 -28 Sell
Amadores Beach Clu 1355 94 -18 Sell
Anfi Beach Club 1384 98 -37 Sell
Anna Grand Hotel Vacation Club 1407 84 -29 Sell
Apartamentos Tropical Park 1464 76 -43 Sell
Aphrodite Hills Resort 1337 94 -33 Sell
Asian Travel Club 1316 82 -36 Sell
Atlantic Beach Club 1408 98 -20 Sell
Atlantic Club 1432 84 -29 Sell
Atlantic Club Campanario 1392 100 -19 Sell
Atlantic Club International 1443 90 -27 Sell
Atlantic View 1467 56 -54 Sell
Atlas Club 1415 110 -10 Buy
Atlas The Vacation Owners Club 1432 76 -37 Sell
Аналитический блок текущего состояния рынка

Top 10 of clubs

2Anfi Beach Club
3Club Absolut
4Oasis Vacation Club
5Club La Costa
6Club Maritimo At Ronda Tres
7Alliance Family Club
8Park Lane club
9Club La Mar
10Mesa Del Mar
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