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About exchange

  • execution of an application PULL and offer it for sale in the electronic system Space bank
  • advertising for sale of certificates
  • preparation of documents for the transaction

Timeshare Market is built on trust. Company Farlega realizes such approach to business which does system of club rest more popular and claimed. Ability to sell the certificate at any time at market price is an important step towards transparent and civilized timeshare industry. European and American tourists have already discovered the benefits of rest in the personal apartments. Timeshare constantly expanding range of loyal customers with high class service.

Buyers can buy the certificate at the exclusive price by means of electronic trade floor Farlega. Some clients seek to sell timeshare quickly as possible. This can be done by a small decrease in home prices. Regular users of the system are aware of opportunities to buy quality timeshare at a cost below market prices. They regularly check the updates in the database of certificates, offered for sale, on purpose to have time to make favorable purchase..

Sellers of certificates can be assured – they can sell the Timeshare on electronic trade floor Farlega. Price of Timeshare remains high thanks to strong demand from buyers. The client can accelerate considerably sale procedure, having exposed the certificate on sale with a small discount. Certificate sale at the market price occupies on the average term from one about two months. Customer may sell their timeshare without the discount, if he has in store this time.

Each client can assess the market value of his certificate. To do this, contact the company's experts Farlega. The examination will require financial and time costs, but then the client will be able to rely on the facts and documents during the transactions. Farlega experts verify the authenticity of the documents associated with the resort, which issued the certificate, and are exploring similar proposals. Conclusion on the cost of timeshare provided on the basis of these data. The client has the right to expose the certificate on sale at the price which is distinct from the market.

Electronic trade floor Farlega easy to use. You can use the filters required for proposals (at the price, on region, on a season or type of apartments). Developers of trade floor have provided possibility to make the demand for purchase in which desirable parameters of the certificate are specified. The client receives a notification at occurrence of the offer corresponding to set parameters. Farlega experts provide free advice on working with the electronic trade floor.

Company Farlega is a collective of professionals which are passionate about their work. Experts are ready to provide comprehensive information about the club rest to each client. To start working with the system, refer to a personal consultant.


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We know the industry and the industry knows Farlega. Farlega provides business consulting, financial management, human resources consulting and services for buying and selling of Timeshare for companies such as yours.
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