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About Timeshare

About Timeshare

Timeshare is a system of rest, an alternative to traditional tourism. For the first time principles of Timeshare used in France more 40 years ago. In a modern kind the industry was widely adopted in second half ХХ of century. Timeshare has become a favorite way to organize restties for the middle class in countries of the European Community and North America. As of 2010 the owners of certificates are more than 9 million households. In the system of club rest are about six thousand resorts in 95 countries.

Rest of system timeshare involves getting in a life possession of some apartments in the prestigious resort. The owner of the certificate is host to a full apartment. This provides a higher level of comfort and service, even in comparison with the best hotels. Features of economy of club rest do by its more expensive than traditional tourism. Representatives of the middle class in Europe and the U.S. consider timeshare as best family investments. The certificate is proof of ownership of the property at the resort, which over the years, increasing its value. Thus, timeshare grows in price over time. On average, the system allows you to pay back the club rest initial investment within 7-8 years. Further use of the timeshare is for the owner of the certificate free of charge.

Club rest allows saving financial resources on air tickets, documents and nutrition during the trip. Owner of Timeshare usually plans their rest in advance, know when and where it will depart. Therefore, we can take advantage of booking tickets for a few months before the date of travel. This saves up to 20% of the ticket price. Another way to save on timeshare is the main features of the club rest. Traditional double room in the hotel will sit in it to two members of the family. An analogue of such facilities in system of club rest are one-room apartments in which 3 persons (or more under the arrangement with a resort can have a rest).

How the Timeshare works?

A person acquires the right to own real estate which has attracted to it. The cost of apartment’s usually considerable damage. Resorts went to meet representatives of the middle class and have developed a system of club recreation. Resorts have gone on a meeting to representatives of middle class and have developed system of club rest. The owner of the certificate receives in the order apartments throughout strictly certain time every year. For example, he can have a rest from July, 1 till July, 7th annually throughout all life.


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